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Operations & Warehouse




Supply Chain


Rachel Orr

David Beale CEO




Tel: 0161 872 8921

Owner of the Print Search business for over 8 years, CEO David has taken it from strength to strength over that time.

A family man, he has four grown up children, an adopted daughter, plus four grandsons and counting! Like Victoria, he’s another Print Search animal lover, sharing his 15 acre farm with a (mad) Chocolate Labrador named,  Buttons (see what he did there?), two horses and two guinea pigs.

At the moment, he’s spending his spare time learning to ride Western Style.

A sports fanatic with a passion for rugby, football and cricket, David is a team player who believes in leading by example, using his motivational skills to empower and encourage his team.

Victoria Hart – Managing Director




Tel: 0161 786 4401

Graduating in the year 2000, Victoria worked with Cooperative Food from 2000-2007
as their supply chain project manager and digital marketing manager.

She has been with Print Search since 2007, rising steadily through the ranks from Account Manager, to Account Director for Pubs and Restaurants, to the dizzying heights of her current role: Client Services Director.

Team captain of the ill-fated Print Search Panthers at their one and only charity netball tournament, Victoria is Mum to two children, two dogs and a pet lobster!

An excellent Irish dancer as a child, and multi lingual (slight stretch on the truth there but able to say at least please, thank-you and goodbye in Italian, Welsh and French), Victoria also met her now husband through Print Search. Press-passing her way in to the printers he worked at to build up her print knowledge – she’d have missed out on all this if she’d stuck with River Dance!

Kevin Hart – Production Director




Tel: 0161 786 4423

Family man Kevin is Print Search’s Production Director. With twenty years of experience within the print production arena, he manages the lithographic and digital production units here at Trafford Park.

Married with two girls, a dog called Hazel and several fish, he is a life-long Liverpool supporter and a self-confessed karaoke king His favorite hits are by boy bands Boyzone and Take That (his daughters must love that) and when he has the time, he’s also a keen cyclist and gym member.

On top of all that, Kevin is an enthusiastic expressive dancer. Only after a few beers, mind you!

Paul Galley – Creative Director




Tel: 0161 872 8921

Paul has worked at Caspa as a Creative Designer now for nearly 17 years, a fact which makes him feel old. He started work here in 1999, and has since progressed to become Creative Director.

He is  responsible for the creative output right across the agency, looking after clients like NUS, Continental Tyres, Carlsberg, Greene King, Robinsons and AQ Water, this presumably being a good idea after such a boozy client base!

On a personal note, Paul has been married for 11 years now, and has a son called James, aged 8, and a daughter called Ava, who is 6. He has been a season ticket holder at Man City now for around 28 years.

Whilst not a typical glory hunter, his years of loyalty have certainly been rewarded with the club’s recent success, although he points out that he has had to watch rubbish football all his life to get there!


Sales Team


Alistair Murphy – Account Executive 


Having worked in Print and Design since leaving Salford Uni in 2004, starting out as Mac Operator for a Print Design Company, Al joined Print Search in 2007 as an Operations Executive working with the Pubs and Restaurant Team.  He has  now progressed to Senior Account Exec with Caspa, supporting the Account Directors and Creative Studio.

Affectionately nicknamed the A-Dog by his colleagues,  Al is originally from Scotland although has lived in Manchester since he was 4 years old. Over the years he has lost his Scottish accent and the hair on his head but has managed to gain a ginger beard that he’s very proud of….up-side-down head if you will.

Keen footballer, walker and “extreme” runner (Hell Run, Spartan Race etc) Al’s biggest achievement was completing the MCR Marathon. Since then his body has decided enough is enough and will refuse to participate in such silly activities so is now concentrating on cooking, working on his house, being a Daddy to, the recently introduced to the world, Alice and finally a Cat-Daddy to the recently adopted Tiger (from his neighbour who moved to Oz).



Anna Ford – Account Manager


Anna has been with Print Search since 2009 and has 17 years’ experience (she just nearly fell off her chair when she worked that out!) in the print industry.  Anna started an apprenticeship 4 days after leaving school at the ripe old age of 19 and has previously worked in Admin, Accounts, as a PA, Recruitment Consultant, New Business Generator and currently an Account Manager.

Anna’s time out of work is spent at the gym, dining out with friends, dancing and enjoying a few drinks (red wine is her tipple).

She loves her beach holidays and tries to squeeze in 3 or 4 a year where possible.

Anna’s slight obsessions are scarfs, meerkats and cleaning!



Claire Kerr – Account Manager


Claire went to work straight from school and has been with Print Search since 2006 when the office phones didn’t even have caller id on them and, from memory, carrier pigeon was a popular way of communication! – duly noted: Claire and Rachel Orr celebrated their ten year anniversary this year!

(however that would be nice)

Claire is married to Mark and they have a cheeky monkey 5yr old son Jack. When she can get away from home life and decorating she loves socialising and nights out with a blue Wkd or two.

Some things you may not know about Claire: Her nick name is pear – apparently her head is shaped like one! She once played the flute at Wembley stadium at an FA cup final– God Save the Queen. Once took part in the Print Search Panthers netball team– that was memorable!



Colin Carter – Account Manager


Lifelong Manchester United Fan Colin Carter has worked for Print Search for nearly 10 years. Starting as a Senior Sales Support in 2007 – he has seen his career develop within Print Search over the last few years. Now an Account Manager on one of our key accounts his knowledge especially in the Pub and Restaurant sector has grown rapidly.

Colin is a man full of routine and maintains his regular weekly ‘big shop’. He has a true passion for holidays in the Lake District, especially blowing some steam walking those fells. Time with his family and friends is valuable – whether that’s ‘chillin’ in the home or out enjoying fine foods and restaurants.

Life is ‘peachy’.

Something you may not know about Colin is that he had previously played for Man City at Academy level and is a ‘Chess Champion’ from his younger days…!



Debbie Kelly – Account Director


Debbie Kelly is another of Print Search’s longest serving employees, notching up an impressive 17 years, and her loyalty and hard work have recently been rewarded with a promotion to Account Director of Caspa Marketing. Debbie has lived in Manchester for 25 years, but still secretly counts herself as a Southerner.

Mother to 2 adorable children Mia 12 and Ollie 8 and wife to a wonderful hubby of 14 years, Debbie and the family are keen Liverpool FC supporters, despite the constant abuse from the office Reds. Debbie and her identical twin sister (sometimes known as the Real Debbie Kelly) enjoy bargain hunting in the sales and she dreams of one day owning a Mulberry handbag (but she’ll settle for Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs if she absolutely must).

Debbie is also another of Print Search’s keen bakers and her beautiful hand decorated creations have graced many of the christenings, birthdays and celebrations of Print Search staff, though she’s far too modest to admit how good she is!



Jayde Bateson – Account Executive 


Jayde joined the Print Search team in October 2011 as Operations Executive and has since risen through the ranks to senior sales support.

At the age of 23 Jayde has just taken the scary steps of moving into her first flat.

She has a love for animals with her main hobby being horse riding, having owned horses since the age of 7 and competing in various shows from dressage to show jumping.

Jayde loves spending time with her 2 little nephews, her beautiful 3 year old Chihuahua ‘Digby’ and her one year old son Roman.



Jeremy Spruce – Account Manager


Jeremy has now worked in the Print industry and at Print Search for over 30 years and seen many changes in both the industry and the Print Search team.

A family man with four grown up sons, one of which has set his life up in Perth Australia and is successfully running his own business, with the other three plying their trade in the UK and living at home.

Jeremy is a keen supporter of the best team in the world Man UTD and has thoroughly enjoyed their unrivalled success over all competitions. As a keen angler he could do with a few tips on how to catch fish! Finally, Jeremy is a keen gardener, a hobby picked up from his parents.


Kat SzendzielarzAccount Executive 


Kat has been with Print Search for almost 7 years, however during this time she packed her bags and said a temporary goodbye to PS to travelling to NZ (amongst other places) for a year and returned in August 2013.  Kat has worked in Customer Service all her life and enjoy giving great service and building relationships with clients, so working as a Senior Sales Support suits her perfectly.

She is an avid cat lover! Her 10 year old Cat ‘Tilly’ (who is Male!) is like her child and probably gets more attention than her fiancé!.

Kat and her fiancé Stephen (together for 11 years) like to challenge themselves every year by doing some adventurous outdoor activity. So far they’ve done Skydiving, White/Black Water Rafting and have jumped off Auckland Tower. They are currently planning their next activity for later this year. At the other end of the scale, Kat really enjoys relaxing at home watching a good movie with nibbles, in her PJ’s – Bliss!

Kat is Print Search’s songbird, regularly singing along to the radio. Most of the time she doesn’t even realise she is doing it! (but her colleagues don’t seem to complain!)


Sean Coleman – Account Manager


Sean has been working in client services at Print Search since 2007, before that coming from a transport and logistics background.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Sean moved to Manchester to get a season ticket at Old Trafford before he even had a job lined up, thankfully Print Search stepped in a couple of weeks after his move.

Now happily married, Sean spends his free time keeping fit and watching half naked men roll around with each other (under the guise or Professional Wrestling).



Jane Johnson – Account Director


Jane graduated in business and marketing in 2002 following studies in Nottingham and Australia. She joined Caspa a few months later as an Account Exec and couldn’t believe her luck to be paid to market alcohol brands across Student Union bars for NUS and various national pub chains. Highlights over the years have involved a sales promotion for Ant and Dec’s Saturday night takeaway, event management at Yates’s Wannabe final (Leona Lewis’ first big win!) and getting Nick involved in running the London Marathon dressed as a giant pasty! Plus managing a whole host of menu launches, trade marketing brochures and seasonal marketing campaigns in between.

Nowadays she is kept busy account directing projects for Carlsberg UK and very proud of the work the creative studio produce across all clients, even if it takes a few ‘urgent’ email prompts to get there 😉 Things don’t slow down at home either as Jane has a toddler to keep her busy and still tries to fit in lots of holidays and socialising with friends, when she can drag herself away from emails on her phone!





Euan Purcell – Account Administrator


After graduating from university in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting, Euan was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play professional football and also had the pleasure of representing Great Britain and England in several competitions. Due to injury he was forced to cut his football career short, but is very happy and excited to be perusing his new career in accounting.

In his spare time Euan enjoys watching or participating in sports whenever he can, including being Print Search FC’s new secret weapon. An Arsenal fan, Euan also enjoys travelling, films and spending time with family and friends.


Joanne Seaton – Finance & Accreditations Manager




Tel: 0161 872 8921

A Finance Manager with sixteen years of experience (she hadn’t realised it was as much as that), Joanne has worked in a wide range of environments, from a shoe department to an international Plant Hire company.

It was here that she met her husband and best friend. They enjoy family holidays to Cornwall with their eleven-year-old going on sixteen-year-old daughter and one-year old son Max

Having been a member of the team since 2005, Jo has also risen up through the Print Search ranks. She started as the Purchase Ledger clerk and, having worked very closely with Andrew, is now our Finance Manager.

Currently studying towards L4 AAT with only 2 exams left, Jo also has an expensive love for handbags – which naturally all need a matching purse!

Operations & Warehouse



Martin Farrell –  Warehouse Op / Driver


Print Search’s longest serving employee, a whopping 34 years, Martin still goes that extra mile for our customers.  Where the other delivery drivers will take their parcels up to the designated floor, Martin will go one further and actually put the stock away…..not surprising our clients love him!

A father of 2 and Granddad of 3, when Martin isn’t working he enjoys his grandchildren,  water sports, classic cars and gardening – anything that keeps him outside!




 Paul McCann –  Warehouse Operative


The King of picking and distribution, Paul ensures the customer gets the items of stock the customer wants.   Always happy to help anybody who needs it.

Married for 35 years, Paul is a father of 3 and a granddad of 5!  Paul loves spending time with his grandchildren, and when he needs a break from this you will find him watching his beloved Salford Reds



Rod Taylor – Promotions Coordinator


The Magician of Promotions, he turns the impossible into success.

When he’s not turning water into wine Rod likes to kick back and enjoys long walks.  Rod’s number one on the bucket list is to travel the world – he’s made a good start already and always brings back sweets for all to share








Rachel Orr – Supply Chain


The only Dept at Print Search Rachel hasn’t worked in is the warehouse, and she stresses that will never ever be happening.  Despite being a Geordie, Rachel doesn’t deal with the cold very well, as anyone who has seen her at her desk in coat, gloves and blanket will tell you!

Married to the lovely Paul – an honorary member of the PS Football Team, when needed, Rachel has a gorgeous little lady called Daisy who’s 9 – they both love girly shopping days and anything food related.  Rachel likes to get involved in the family menu planning each week, wonder who she takes after…

Rachel likes her bootcamp – use of tractor tyres and kegs and muddy hills etc etc etc – and will be doing Tough Mudder this year with Paul.

Not sure if Claire mentioned, but it both hers and Rachel’s  10 year anniversary next year – Just to clarify, they are expecting a surprise buffet…. And a rolex!

Oh and… Rachel tends to buy print sometimes….