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Print and Power

By December 19, 2018 No Comments

Managing Director, Victoria Hart is leading the way when it comes to print and power as she paves the way for disabilities in the workplace.

Victoria heads up our group and oversees logistics for the likes of Lowry Theatre, A-Plant, NUS, Explore Learning and more recently the return of Stonegate Pub Co print.

The past decade has been triumphant for the group but Victoria has suffered challenges along the way and nothing could have prepared her for losing her hearing completely in one ear, two years ago, after suffering bacterial labyrinthisis. “I had to have a cochlear ear implant in February this year,”

This is something that Victoria is keen to talk about, as she wants to begin to shed the stigma that surrounds the subject of disabilities in the workplace.

“In the UK, it is thought that some seven million people of working age have a disability. I’m keen to address the stereotype of disabled people that we all too often see in the media. For every one of the superheroes climbing mountains or the wheelchair marathon runners, there are dozens of people quietly getting on with running a business.

I want to destigmatise and show people I am not only living with my disability but thriving and breaking new ground by taking our business into new territories.”

Victoria puts her success down to becoming an expert in her field, learning to understand her industry and its future enabling her to talk to clients and peers, with facts and confidence. Her advice to the next generation; “Ask questions – lots of questions. Respect those that have been in the industry for many years and try to learn as much from them as you can. Believe in yourself and build a good support network around you and never stop trying to break down barriers.”

Working alongside charities is of equal importance to Victoria. And supporting local community charity Forever Manchester was something Victoria chose to do, to demonstrate support for the local people. She said: “We really do believe in giving back where we can. And the tenth anniversary celebrations provided us with the perfect opportunity to celebrate our presence in the city and consolidate our fundraising efforts, by helping a local charity that can support a wide range of projects, in an area where our staff and customers live.”

Equally, Victoria aims to empower those around her. “Over the years, I have learned to remember the bigger picture, aimed to empower those around me and always trust my instincts. I hope through me standing proudly and talking about my disability, people will feel confident to own theirs and move forward in reaching their goals.”